Tricopigmentation is a non-surgical procedure, generally well tolerated, which is performed without anaesthesia and consists in tattooing tiny pigment deposits within the upper dermis of the scalp to conceal thinning hair, or to camouflage alopecia and scars.  

Tricopigmentation is a modern and innovative technique that simulates natural hair bulbs by inserting - in a controlled and punctiform manner - microscopical deposits of specific pigments creating an optical illusion that camouflages baldness. 


Discover the new pigments for Tricopigmentation

Tricopigmentation is also an effective technique for scar concealment due to accidental skin lesions or surgical interventions of hair transplantations. Tricopigmentation is hypoallergenic and biocompatible thanks to the composition of the specific pigments. It's possible to improve the density obtained by hair transplantation, can also camouflage thinning hair achieving a natural result. This technique is perfect to create a natural hair-like appearance of a shaved head

IMAX has developed a selection of pigments, specifically designed for tricopigmentation, which favour the treatment process and allow at the same time the achievement of a very natural effect.  A top up or touch up treatment in order to maintain the result is generally required after about 12 months, depending on skin type, skin colour, desired result and sun exposure.  

The quality and duration of the tricopigmentation result depend also on the treated area, the age of the individual, skin characteristics, skin colour as well as external factors (exposure to sun).