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Professional Tattoo Equipment and Supplies for the Body Arts

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Tattoo Kit

Tattoo Kit

Tattoo Kits, Tattoo Starter Kits, Beginner Tattoo Kits, Professional Tattoo Kits, Tattooing Kits for Sale, Tattoo Sets Wholesale

Tattoo Needles

Tattoo Needles

I Max Tattoo Needles, Round Liner, Round Shader, Magnum, Round Magnum, Flat and Double Flat Shader, Sterile Tattoo Needles

Tattoo Machines & Accessories

Tattoo Machines & Accessories

Tattoo Machines, Tattoo Machines Parts and Tattoo Machines Accessories by I Max Tattoo Supplies

Inks for Tattooing

Inks for Tattooing

Inks for Tattooing, tattoo inks, makkuro sumi, azayaka, universal black, flashing colors

Machine Accessories

Machine Accessories

Tattoo Machine Accessories, Tattoo Machine Boxes, Tattoo Machine Cases and Holders

i max professional tattoo and piercing supplies

IMAX Tattoo Supply distributes renowned quality tattoo supplies to tattoo artists around the world since 1989. Our catalog contains over 10.000 products immediately available for prompt delivery.

Get all your tattooing supplies from a name you can trust.

IMAX Tattoo manufactures and distributes premier tattoo devices, tattoo equipment, tattoo machines, tattoo needles, tattoo inks, tattoo colors, tattoo books, tattoo power supply, tattoo power units, tattoo designs, tattoo flash, hand made tattoo machines, tattoo guns, rotary tattoo machines, tattoo kit, tattoo starter kit, tattoo practice skin, sterile tattoo needles on bars, pre-made tattoo needles, tattoo studio equipment, tattoo chairs, tattoo furniture, tattoo studio furniture, tattoo client chair, tattoo accessories, tattoo grips, tattoo tips, tattoo disposable tubes, tattoo dyes, tattoo pigments, permanent make-up, micropigmentations colors, body piercing jewelry, body piercing equipment, body piercing needles and everything you need for professional tattooing. IMAX is also providing wholesale tattoo supplies, to dealers and distributors. For distributor pricing contact our sales department.

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  • Microblading

    Microblading is the latest manual technique which allows to densify and delineate eyebrows by eyebrow embroidery giving them an absolute harmonious and natural looking appearance


  • New IMAX Pigments for Trico-Pigmentation

    Tricopigmentation is a non-surgical procedure, generally well tolerated, which is performed without anaesthesia and consists in tattooing tiny pigment deposits within the upper dermis of the scalp to conceal thinning hair, or to camouflage alopecia and scars.