Cheyenne PU2 Power Unit - Tattoo Machine Power Supply

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  • Upgrade your tattooing experience with the new Cheyenne PU2 Power Unit. This compact and versatile power supply allows for the connection of up to two tattoo machines and a foot switch. Its intuitive touchscreen display makes switching between machines effortless, while the magnets and position sensor enable flexible setup options. With an output voltage range of 4.7V to 12.5V, this power unit is perfect for all Cheyenne machines. Experience the simplicity and convenience of the Cheyenne PU2 Power Unit.

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The new Cheyenne PU 2 Power Unit is here to revolutionize your tattooing setup. This brand new power supply builds upon the success of its predecessor, the Power Unit II, to provide you with an enhanced and seamless tattooing experience.

Designed with simplicity and versatility in mind, the Cheyenne PU2 features an intuitive touchscreen display that allows for easy switching between tattoo machines. With just a touch, you can effortlessly transition between different techniques and styles, ensuring a smoother workflow.

What sets the PU2 apart is its flexibility in setup options. Whether you prefer your power unit to stand upright or be attached to suitable surfaces, the integrated magnet and position sensor automatically detect the orientation and adjust the display accordingly. This means you can customize your setup to suit your workspace and preferences, ensuring maximum comfort and efficiency.

The PU2 enables you to connect up to two tattoo machines simultaneously via the 3.5mm jack plug. This dual machine connection feature allows you to switch between machines seamlessly, without the hassle of unplugging and reconfiguring. Additionally, the foot switch can be easily connected via the chinch plug, providing you with hands-free control and added convenience during your tattoo sessions.

With an output voltage range of 4.7V to 12.5V, the PU2 is perfectly suited for all Cheyenne tattoo machines. It ensures consistent and reliable power delivery, allowing you to achieve the desired results with precision and accuracy.

The PU2 comes with plug types A, C, G, and I, making it compatible with power outlets worldwide. No matter where you are, you can rely on the PU2 to provide you with the power you need for your tattooing sessions.

As an upgraded version of a well-known bestseller, the PU2 is designed to complement Cheyenne tattoo machines seamlessly.

Operating the PU2 is a breeze. The self-explanatory interface and touch screen are unique strengths, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Say goodbye to complicated controls and hello to intuitive operation.

Upgrade your tattooing setup today with the Cheyenne PU2 Power Unit and experience the perfect blend of familiar features and modern design. Take your tattooing capabilities to new heights with this smart and versatile power supply.

Advantages of the Cheyenne PU2 Power Unit:

  • Intuitive Control: The touch display allows for easy and precise control, ensuring a seamless tattooing experience.
  • Flexible Setup: Thanks to the magnets and position sensor, you can set up the power unit either lying or hanging, adapting to your workspace and preferences.
  • Dual Machine Connection: Connect up to two tattoo machines simultaneously using the 3.5mm jack plug, enabling smooth transitions between different techniques and styles.
  • Foot Switch Compatibility: Connect your foot switch via the chinch plug, giving you hands-free control and added convenience during tattoo sessions.
  • Optimal Voltage Range: The PU2 provides an output voltage range from 4.7V to 12.5V, catering to the specific requirements of all Cheyenne machines, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.
  • Universal Power Supply: The power unit comes with plug types A, C, G, and I, so you can use it anywhere in the world without worrying about compatibility.
  • Enhanced Bestseller: The PU2 is an upgrade to a well-known bestseller, incorporating valuable user feedback and technological advancements to deliver an even better user experience.

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