IMax Tattoo Blog - SUPREME Tattoo Cartridges for DOTWORK

SUPREME Tattoo Cartridges for DOTWORK
DOTWORK tattoos, discover the new SUPREME cartridges created by IMAX TATTOO for DOTWORK


What is a dotwork tattoo?
Dotwork is a technique that requires the artist to tattoo multiple points to create an image or visual effects. The technique is often used to create whole images, even portraits, or for shading. When used for shading, the artist will often use black, gray, dark blue, or even red ink.

Where does the Dotwork tattoo get its inspiration from?
The dotted tattoo is inspired by a form of art that spread in France around 1870, namely Pointillism, which in painting has had excellent exponents such as Georges Seurat and Paul Signac. From the art of these exceptional painters to the skin of those who decide to have a dotwork tattoo made: the dotted tattoo thus becomes the new artistic trend that is now depopulated almost everywhere and that allows you to obtain real works of art.

How to get a perfect Dotwork tattoo?
But to have a state-of-the-art dotwork tattoo, it is very important to contact only expert hands, able to produce an impeccable shade of the dots of the tattoo.

What are the needles used to make the Dotwork tattoo?
To achieve the best results and facilitate tattoo artists, IMAX TATTOO has created the new line of SUPREME Cartridges for DOTWORK.

How are DOTWORK tattoo needles made?
These are groups of 3 Round Liner needles welded side by side and spaced specially for DOTWORK shading "the dotted style tattoo."

In what configurations are they available?
They are available in 3 different configurations: 3 groups of 3RLs, 4 groups of 3RLs and 5 groups of 3RLs to realize DOTWORK shading of different densities so as to create perspective effects and shading.

DOTWORK is generally used by tattoo artists who prefer a realist style in order to create greater depth and striking 3D effects. The preferred subjects are geometric figures or religious and spiritual elements. In particular, Mandalas, typical of Hindu and Buddhist traditions, are becoming increasingly popular.

The new SUPREME DOT WORK Tattoo Cartridges are special cartridges designed to make dot shading. They are specific cartridges also suitable for old school, Japanese, traditional and black tattoos.

Moreover, no matter what style of tattoo you make, SUPREME's wide range of precision tattoo cartridges will fully meet your needs at an unbeatable price with superior quality!

You can buy them at or at our shop in Riccione.

The IMAX TATTOO TEAM since 1989 gives its best to improve every single product with professionalism and experience in the tattoo industry. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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