Tattoo Thermal Printer - Bluetooth/USB Connectivity - iOS/Android

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  • Experience the future of tattoo stenciling with our new wireless portable Stencil Tattoo Printer. Say goodbye to outdated methods and save time by easily creating ultra-defined tattoo stencils. Purchase your new stencil machine from imaxtattoo today and revolutionize your pre-tattoo procedure! Key features:

    • Connectivity: Bluetooth and USB cable;

    • Long life rechargeble battery;

    • IOS or Android's App

    12 month guarantee.

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Brands I MAX
Color Black

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Discover our brand new Portable Tattoo Stencil Machine - the ultimate solution for efficient and hassle-free tattoo stencil. With its compact design, lightweight construction, and exceptional performance, this machine is perfect for tattoo studios and  also for artists on the go.

Our Portable Thermal Printer is extremely easy to use, just install TattooPrinter App (also via QR code) and connect your IOS or Android device. Then select images directly from your gallery and proceed to print in seconds with guaranteed optimal results. If you are traditional method's lover, you can connect and print via USB cable (supplied).

Portable Tattoo Stencil Machine

This thermal tattoo stencil printer eliminates the need for carbon ink, saving you valuable expenses and reducing costs. Print directly onto tattoo stencil paper, and experience the convenience and affordability of ink-free printing. Choose from various tattoo stencil papers available on to achieve excellent results effortlessly.

ImaxTattoo's Portable Tattoo Stencil Machine features a wide range of specifications designed to enhance your tattooing experience. With an effective printing speed of up to 30mm/s, you can complete your stencils swiftly and efficiently. The print density of 8 point/mm (203dpi) and character size options of 1224 and 2424 ensure exceptional clarity and precision.

Our machine's connectivity options provide unparalleled convenience. Easily connect to your smartphone, iPad, or other devices to print your stencils with ease. The Bluetooth 4.2 version ensures stable and reliable connections, while the USB interface provides flexibility for different devices.

Rest assured that our Portable Tattoo Stencil Machine is built for reliability. Equipped with a photoelectric sensor, the machine guarantees accurate stencil printing every time. The LED indicators keep you informed of crucial information such as power supply, paper status, lid opening, charging, and Bluetooth connection.

With a standby time of three days and a 50KM print head life, our machine is built to last. The 1500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery ensures uninterrupted operation, and recharging is as simple as charging your mobile phone.

Portable Tattoo Stencil Machine

The ImaxShop Portable Tattoo Stencil Machine comes with the necessary certifications, including CCC, CE, FCC, and ROHS, assuring you of its quality and safety standards. With dimensions of 267x95x51mm and weighing just 1350g, it takes up minimal space and is easily transportable.

Operating within a temperature range of 0-45℃ and a humidity range of 20-90%, this machine is adaptable to various working environments. For storage, the temperature range of 10-60℃ and humidity range of 10-90% (excluding paper rolls) ensures the machine's longevity.

Upgrade your tattooing process today with the IMAX TATTOO Portable Tattoo Stencil Machine. Say goodbye to the old ways of designing and printing stencils, and enjoy the convenience of our intuitive TattooPrinter App. Whether you create your designs by hand or digitally, this machine is your ultimate companion.

Portable Tattoo Stencil Machine

Wireless Tattoo Stencil Machine with LI-ion Battery

Wireless Tattoo Stencil Machine with LI-ion Battery

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