Prohibition of Sale and Use Intenze Boris Bright Sunshine Lot. No. SS254

Following the notification received regarding the RAPEX Entry with Number A12/1638/19 we inform you about the decree to recall the following INTENZE INK. After an official sampling a non-conformity was detected.

Lot. Number: SS254

Action required:
Prohibition of sale & use. Return to the supplier enclosing a copy of the purchase invoice.

This communication regarding the prohibition of sale and use of INTENZE BORIS BRIGHT SUSNHINE applies only to above mentioned ink with its specific Lot. Number. If you are in possession of a different batch number, you do not need to withdraw the ink and you can continue to use it.

According to our archives the colour in question with this specific batch number was NOT distributed by I Max International.

For further information Tel. +390 541 642160.