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DOTWORK tattoos, discover the new SUPREME cartridges created by IMAX TATTOO for DOTWORK
SUPREME Tattoo Cartridges for DOTWORK
Dotwork tattoos have become more and more popular in recent years. Artists play with this technique to create unique tattoos. Dotwork can be used to create a complete image or to shade a part of the tattoo...Read More


I MAX Cosmoprof 2022

I MAX International is proud to presents Cosmoprof's video, glad to meet you in Bologna.

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Tattoo Inks REACH 2022, which colors are compliant?
REACH compliant tattoo inks
Update on the European REACH regulation n. 2020/2081 on tattoo inks and permanent make-up colors in force from 4th January 2022.Read More

A big news in the world of make-up, the BB Glow is an innovative treatment to fight the signs of time

BB Glow, new treatment for a face without blemishes and uniform skin

Perfect skin face, say goodbye to redness, dark circles, spots and all signs of aging such as wrinkles, cuddling and hydrating the skin and ensuring an ultra-natural finish. All this thanks to BB Glow, semi-permanent serums and foundation that are applied directly to the skin through the technique of microneedling. The results can last up to 6 months.

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Recall Intenze Boris Bright Sunshine SS254

Prohibition of Sale and Use Intenze Boris Bright Sunshine Lot. No. SS254

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Recall Intenze Lime Green Lot.No. SS274

Prohibition of Sale and Use Intenze Lime Green Lot. No. SS274

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Recall Eternal Ink Lime Green Lot. No. O-214

Recall Eternal Ink Lime Green, Lot. number O-214, Expiry date 02/2022

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Temporary Suspension Eternal Solid Gold Lot.No.G-206

Temporary prohibition of sale and use - Eternal Solid Gold - Lot.No. G-206

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Cosmoprof 2019, Here we are!

Bologna 15-18 March

Cosmoprof 2019, Come meet the IMAX team

I MAX will be present at the cosmoprof

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Cosmoprof 2019 Edition - Bologna 15-18 March

I MAX at Cosmoprof 2019

I Max will be present at Cosmoprof 2019 Edition that will be held in Bologna Italy from 15th to 18th March 2019. Come to visit us: Hall 28 Booth A1

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Recall Eternal Caramel Lot. R-136

Recall Eternal Ink Caramel, Lot. number R-136, Expiry date 06/2020

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We are getting more and more questions demanding if our tattoo inks are vegan so I thought it would be nice to share this with you all.

Could you tell me if your inks are vegan?

Typical questions are: Could you tell me if your inks are vegan (containing no animal product)? I see they contain glycerin but is that plant or animal based? Hi, my name is …. and I am from Germany. For about 2 1/2 years I live the vegan lifestyle. 

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Intenze Zuperblack Lot. Number SS256

Product recall of Intenze Zuperblack, lot. no. SS256.

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Intenze Bob Tyrrell Dark Tone Lot.No. 192

Product recall of Intenze Bob Tyrrell Dark Tone, lot. no. SS192.

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Recall Bullets VSB Aura Orange Lot. D1381

Product recall of Bullets Ink VSB AURA ORANGE with Lot. Number D1381.

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Suspension Panthera Polar White Lot. 8828

Temporary suspension of sale and use of Panthera Polar White with lot. number 8828.

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Temporary Suspension Eternal Ink

Temporary suspension of use and sale of Eternal Ink

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Suspension Intenze Snow White Opaque Lot. SS199

Temporary suspension of use and sale of Intenze Snow White Opaque with lot. number SS199.

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Intenze Blue Silver Lot SS236

Temporary suspension of use and sale of Intenze Blue Silver with lot. number SS236.

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Intenze Titanium Silver Lot SS236

Temporary suspension of use and sale of Intenze Titanium Silver with lot. number SS236.

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Intenze Blue Silver Lot. SS200

Product recall of Intenze Blue Silver, lot. no. SS200.

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Intenze Titanium Silver Lot. SS188

Product recall of Intenze Titanium Silver, lot. no. SS188.

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Microblading is the latest manual dermo-pigmentation technique which allows to create hair strokes which look like natural eyebrow hair.


Microblading is the latest manual technique which allows to densify and delineate eyebrows by eyebrow embroidery giving them an absolute harmonious and natural looking appearance


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Discover the new tricopigmentation pigments created by I Max International

New IMAX Pigments for Trico-Pigmentation

Tricopigmentation is a non-surgical procedure, generally well tolerated, which is performed without anaesthesia and consists in tattooing tiny pigment deposits within the upper dermis of the scalp to conceal thinning hair, or to camouflage alopecia and scars.  

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