Choosing and using tattoo needles properly

Introduction to Tattoo Needles

Tattoo needles are among the indispensable tools for making tattoos. There are various types (round for lining Round Liner, round for shading and filling Round ShaderMagnum, Magnum Soft for shading, Flat for filling and color packing, and many more) and are used to tattoo the ink under the skin.

Since these are basic tools, it is important to use them in the correct way and equally important that they are safe and sterile. At IMAX TATTOO you have the assurance that you are buying safe and controlled needles, I MAX constantly self-checks sterility tests (ISO Method 11737-2) at specialized laboratories. 

How to choose and use tattoo needles correctly

Tattoo needles are distinguished by thickness (needle diameter), most commonly measured in millimeters (mm), such as 0.25, 0.30, 0.35, 0.40, or in gauge, which includes sizes like 08, 10, 12, 14. They are also distinguished by tip taper level (simply put, the shape of the tip), needle count (the number of needles welded together), and configuration. Configuration refers to how the needles are grouped, and it is this factor that determines how the ink will perform on the skin of the person being tattooed. There are various types of configurations: round liner needles are used to outline the main lines; round shader needles are used for shading and filling in; flat configuration needles are used for coloring and creating geometric shapes; magnum needles are used for coloring and creating shadows and shading; round magnum or magnum soft needles are used for soft shading, particularly in realistic tattooing.

Tattoo outline

For a successful and professional tattoo it is essential that the needles are used in the most correct way. The needles act under the skin by releasing the color, so that you get a permanent tattoo and not a faded tattoo of poor quality. Therefore, it is essential to care about one's health when getting a tattoo. Never neglect this aspect. It is important to always use proper materials and instrumentation that can guarantee you the highest safety and quality. IMAX TATTOO from this point of view is a guarantee. On the site you will also find a wide range of tattoo needles, everything you need to tattoo professionally and in the utmost safety and respect for health. I Max Tattoo offers you the best.

Supreme Tattoo Cartridge Needles, for example, represent the best the market has to offer today: top quality cartridge needles with precise welding and constant quality control. Each needle is sterilized and ready to use-this is the ultimate guarantee for the protection of one's health. There are needles to suit every need and every use: Round Liners 0.35 are perfect for Japanese and Old School tattoos. They hold more ink and make thicker lines. Tight Liners needles 0.30 and 0.25, on the other hand, are ideal for creating precise lines. Round Shaders and magnum are used for shading and coloring, magnum soft are needles designed specifically for realism, sheer shading, and making the details in realistic tattooing.

Other solutions include Cheyenne cartridge needles, and Kwadron for Cheyenne System  Tattoo machines and tattoo pens. 

All cartridges are made of medical-grade plastic, are sterile and disposable, and feature a color-blocking and blood reflux system. These cartridge needles are interchangeable and available in a wide range of configurations.

For old-school tattoo artists who prefer to solder needles themselves (yes, nowadays everything is available ready-made, but once upon a time, tattoo artists spent hours each day making their own needles), on IMAX Tattoo, you can find loose needles in boxes of 1000 needles to create your preferred needle configuration your way. You can also find needles already mounted on bars, the so-called 'needle bars,' from the award-winning brands KOI and PREMIUM, in boxes of 50 needles in sterile, ready-to-use packaging.

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