10 Must-Have Tattoo Accessories

The Ultimate Guide to the Top 10 Essential Tattoo Accessories for a Professional Studio

Discover the top 10 essential tattoo accessories for a professional tattoo studio.

Tattoos are a unique tool we have to express our personality and creativity. As the years go by, tattoos never go out of style.

The Top 10 Tattoo Accessories

  1. Tattoo Needles and Cartridge Needles: Needles are essential for creating a tattoo. Many people are apprehensive at the mere mention of needles, but there's no need to fear because these tattoo needles are simply used to insert ink under the skin. They're necessary to draw the tattoo, ensuring it doesn't fade away easily and remains permanent. There are needles for lines and needles for shading. IMax International is the world leader in supplying needles for tattoo artists. Safety is crucial when getting a tattoo, and IMax needles are pre-soldered, sterile, ready to use, and disposable. Sterilized with EO gas, one of the best methods to ensure safety and excellent tattoo results. On the IMax International website, you can order the best needle set for your needs, such as Supreme Cartridges Needles in box of 50 pieces for only €19.90.
  2. Tattoo Inks: Colors are part of your tattoo design; they bring it to life. Here too, the safety and quality of the material are important. It's essential for colors to be non-toxic on the skin and of good quality to avoid ending up with faded tattoos. IMax distributes a wide range of exclusive colors. These dispersion colors blend well and guarantee maximum brilliance. With IMax, you can unleash your creativity and bring to life any type of tattoo your imagination suggests: from green to purple, from brown to white, you can find exactly the color shade you're looking for, with all color types and the best brands: Eternal InkIntenze Ink, Dynamic Ink, Panthera Ink, World Famous Ink.
  3. Tattoo Ink Accessories: Color accessories are also necessary, including color caps, sterile caps, solutions to dilute each color, mixers, container holders, plexiglass color displays for tattoo colors. Color caps come in various sizes. On IMax Shop, you can find all these accessories, everything you need for a professional tattoo studio!
  4. Tattoo Stencils: Stencils ensure that your tattoo is always perfect! In this area too, IMax Tattoo offers everything you need: stencil pens, tombow markers, freehand tattoo pens, hectographic paper, copying pencils, tattoo pens, transparency sheets, spirit master paper, stamp-it, proton, stencil stuff, tattoo transfer paper, reprofax spirit thermal paper, duplication carbon, copying ink, stencil cutters, hectographic pencils, and much more.
  5. Tattoo Machines: These are the other basic tools for creating professional tattoos. At IMax Tattoo, you'll find the best tattoo machines in a wide variety: solutions for all budgets, all united by the guarantee of professionalism and safety. Solutions that also look at the aesthetic side: for example, you can find the VOLTA wireless tattoo machine in various colors to match it perfectly with your tattoo studio. You'll also find spare parts, accessories, and even unassembled machines.
  6. Grips, Tips, and Tubes: These are essential tools for ensuring the best tattoo outcome. It's important that the material quality is excellent. For example, disposable kraken and silicon grip tubes are made of non-slip silicone, making them more comfortable and significantly reducing tattoo machine vibrations. On the IMax website, you'll find this and many other products not only with their excellent characteristics but also with convenient savings!
  7. Tattoo Power Units: The importance of power supplies should never be underestimated when tattooing. A good power source is one of the essential prerequisites for tattooing well. IMax Tattoo also meets this need: in the extensive assortment on the website, you can also find the brand new digital critical power supply. It offers you the best to express your tattooing skills to the fullest!
  8. Tattoo Studio Furniture: If you have a tattoo studio, you shouldn't overlook the importance of comfortable and convenient furniture for you as tattoo artists and for the person getting the tattoo: a comfortable and professional chair, a tattoo chair is the ideal solution. You can also find these items on I Max International!
  9. Tattoo Kits: Are you starting from scratch and want to have everything you need to start immediately? Tattoo kits are the solution for you. IMax offers solutions for all budgets with all the professional equipment you need. For example, for beginners, the IMax Very BASIC Tattoo Kit is ideal.
  10. Books, flash and design books: Tattooing is an art. So delve into it, learn about this art, take inspiration from the great masters through guidebooks, DVDs, and flash books with collections of the most requested and original designs.

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