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Top 6 Brands of Highest Quality Tattoo Inks for Professional Tattoos

Unveiling the Elite: The Top 6 Brands for Professional-Grade Tattoo Pigments

Another major concern of those who create tattoo inks is to minimise the risk of infection: and so sterile inks, tested against a whole range of bacteria, were born, pioneered by the brand Intenze tattoo ink.

But let's take a look at all the differences between the leading brands of quality tattoo colours so that you can make an informed choice of the tools that best suit your working style.

Eternal Inks

An American brand active since the 1980s, it counts a wide range of tattoo inks among its products. The very high quality, almost unlimited choice of colours and affordable prices make this brand one of the most attractive to tattoo artists. Its features include its water-based, non-toxic and glycerol-free base, which makes it a favourite brand for vegans; extraordinary colour intensity; convenience, the colours are practically ready to use right out of the container.

Intenze Tattoo Ink

Intenze's production is based on very high quality and safety standards. This brand has put sterilisation first and applies the strictest tests to its inks. The colours are designed by artists and made for people who never stop developing their technique and learning, no matter how many years of experience they have behind them.

Panthera Black Tattoo Ink

Ink produced in Italy that has quickly gained worldwide fame. It does not offer a wide range of colours but specialises in shades of black and a single white, all brilliant and made to last. Vegan-friendly and gamma-sterilised, these inks are fluid and lend themselves to drawing lines and shades.

World Famous Tattoo Ink

World Famous Tattoo Ink: where tradition meets innovation. With a heritage spanning over 50 years, this premium vegan inks are crafted in the USA for vibrant, lasting results. Certified vegan and cruelty-free, we blend artistry with ethics to empower tattoo artists worldwide.

Dynamic Color

Dynamic Color Company, proudly based in the USA for over 30 years, is a name you can trust. We specialize in delivering professional-quality, pre-dispersed tattoo inks that are tried, tested, and true. Our inks are proudly made in the USA, boasting the highest pigment content in the industry. With a commitment to excellence, Dynamic Color provides tattoo artists with premium-quality inks for their artistic masterpieces.

Eclipse Tattoo Ink

Black ink that stays black. Made in Europe to guarantee intensity and purity, our vegan, hypoallergenic and sterile formula ensures uncompromising quality. REACH 2022 compliant, Eclipse Black Ink is the ultimate choice for long-lasting, deep black impressions that stand the test of time.

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