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The Best Tattoo Machines: The Perfect Choice for Every Tattoo Artist

Discover the top tattoo machines designed to meet the diverse needs of every professional tattoo artist

The Best Tattoo Machines

As a professional tattoo artist, choosing the right equipment is crucial for your craft. Tattoo machines have evolved remarkably, offering more options and advanced features than ever. Whether you prefer wireless convenience or the reliability of wired machines, there are top-notch choices available for every artist.

Cheyenne SOL NOVA Unlimited

The Cheyenne SOL NOVA Unlimited series offers versatility and quality with its wireless design and multiple stroke options (2.5, 3.5, 4.0, 5.0 mm). It's controlled via a single button and intuitive tilt movements, making it user-friendly. This machine is perfect for various tattooing styles, from fine shading to bold lines, and includes two batteries for uninterrupted work.

ELETTRA Wireless Tattoo Pen

The ELETTRA Wireless Tattoo Pen is a groundbreaking machine that seamlessly combines traditional wired power supply with modern wireless functionality. Equipped with a powerful 4.6W motor, it delivers exceptional performance for any tattoo style, from intricate details to bold lines. The ELETTRA Pen is designed for simplicity and innovation, featuring all essential controls such as on/off, speed adjustment, and an integrated display directly on the machine. This dual-power tattoo pen offers unparalleled versatility, allowing artists to switch between wired and wireless modes effortlessly, ensuring uninterrupted sessions and maximum convenience. With the ELETTRA Wireless Tattoo Pen, you get the best of both worlds in a sleek, efficient, and powerful device.

FK Irons Flux Max

The FK Irons Flux Max is a pinnacle of wireless technology. With its redesigned PowerBolt II, it features a digital frequency display, timer, and eGive settings that auto-calibrate to the cartridge. Connectivity via Bluetooth 5.0 to the Darklab app enhances customization. Available in gold and stealth, it offers stroke lengths of 3.2, 4.0, and 4.5 mm.

Volta Wireless Tattoo Pen

The VOLTA Tattoo Pen is a revolutionary wireless device that frees you from the constraints of power cords, offering unparalleled convenience and mobility. With a simple and innovative design, it includes essential functions like on/off control and speed adjustment integrated directly into the machine. The interchangeable and rechargeable Li-ion battery provides a working autonomy of 6-8 hours, ensuring you can work on detailed pieces without interruption. The VOLTA Tattoo Pen is lightweight, easy to handle, and compatible with various needle cartridge systems, making it a versatile choice for artists who value efficiency and simplicity.

Cheyenne HAWK PEN Unio

Combining the best of the HAWK Spirit and Thunder, the Cheyenne HAWK PEN Unio is an all-in-one solution with adjustable stroke (2.5 to 4.0 mm). It’s ideal for both gentle shading and solid lines. The Unio ensures constant power and speed, is easy to clean, and is compatible with all Cheyenne disposable handles and cartridges.

Supreme Tattoo Pen

The Supreme Tattoo Pen is a high-performance machine designed for precision and comfort. Featuring a powerful motor and advanced gear system, it guarantees reliable and quiet operation with minimal vibration. Weighing only 130 grams and crafted from high-quality anodized matt black aluminum, the Supreme Pen is both lightweight and durable. It offers an adjustable needle depth from 0 to 4.5 mm and a 3.5 mm stroke, making it extremely versatile for various tattooing techniques. Compatible with most tattoo needle cartridge systems, the Supreme Tattoo Pen ensures smooth and efficient tattooing sessions, making it an ideal choice for professional artists seeking top-notch performance.

FK Irons Spektra Flux

For those who prefer simplicity, the FK Irons Spektra Flux offers powerful performance without unnecessary features. It has a 4 mm stroke for versatile tattooing and up to 10 hours of battery life. Lightweight and ergonomic, it ensures comfort during long sessions.

Cheyenne SOL Nova Tattoo Machine

The Cheyenne SOL Nova Tattoo Machine embodies precision, power, and reliability in a sleek, corded design. Renowned for its exceptional performance, the SOL Nova features a robust motor that delivers consistent power for flawless tattooing results. With adjustable needle depth and three operating modes (Steady Mode, Responsive Modes 1 + 2), artists can customize their settings to suit their individual techniques and preferences. The SOL Nova is suitable for various tattoo styles, from fine linework to shading and coloring. Its ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort and control during extended tattoo sessions, making it a trusted choice for professional artists worldwide.

Wired vs. Wireless Tattoo Machines

Wireless Machines: Offer unrestricted movement and streamlined workflow. They eliminate cables, reducing setup complexity and potential cross-contamination. Ensure batteries are always charged to avoid interruptions.

Wired Machines: Provide reliable, consistent power without the worry of battery life. Hybrid models like ELETTRA offer the best of both worlds, with options for wireless or wired operation.


The best tattoo machine depends on your individual needs and style. Whether you’re looking for advanced features, versatility, or simplicity, there’s a machine that will enhance your tattooing experience. Consider your preferences and the demands of your art to choose the right tool for you.

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