Flashing Solid White 150ml

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    • Flashing Solid White
    • Vegan
    • Sterile
    • 150ml bottle
    • Comply with COE ResAP(2008)1
    • Made in Italy
  • Product SKU15093
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Special Inks for Special White Inks
Bottle Size 150ml

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Flashing Colors predispersed ready to use tattoo inks. Their fluid and rich blend consistence has the ability to create cleaner edges and sharper details. They are perfect for quick and easy color saturation during tattooing. These new generation colors are the result of accurate studies for the very best flashing effect under skin.

Flashing Colors are non-toxic Tattoo Inks for bright and precise tattoos.

Features: Lot and date coded to assure quality and freshness, same consistency and color in every batch, microbial-free pigment. Sealed, quality controlled, manufactured with approved ingredients. Fluid with rich blend consistence for a true bright result under skin. Ingredient list on label. Available Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

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