Tattooing A to Z


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Cohesive Wraps Tattoo Grip Cover | 12 Rolls
Cohesive Wraps Tattoo Grip Cover | 12 Rolls
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DVD Master The Art of Tattooing + Book A-Z
DVD Master The Art of Tattooing + Book A-Z
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Tattooing A to Z

Explore the secrets of the tattoo industry with "Tattooing from A to Z." This 141-page guide features 24 illustrated chapters by renowned tattooists, providing essential knowledge for aspiring artists. Available in English and Italian editions, it's your key to success in the world of tattooing.

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Spaulding & Rogers
Spaulding & Rogers

Since 1956, Spaulding & Rogers supplies premier tattoo products from Voorheesville, NY. Trusted by professionals, we offer exceptional tools for tattooing and piercing. Your reliable source for quality tattoo supplies.

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​Unveiling the Art of Tattooing 

'Tattooing from A to Z' - Your Ultimate Guide

Introduction to the Book

Discover the fascinating world of tattooing through "Tattooing from A to Z: A Guide to Successful Tattooing." This comprehensive 141-page guide is your gateway to the secrets and techniques of the tattoo industry. Crafted by the experienced hand of Huck Spaulding, this book demystifies an art form that was once shrouded in secrecy. With 24 well-illustrated chapters featuring the stunning artwork of renowned tattooists, this guide unravels the complexities of the craft and takes you on a journey from novice to knowledgeable enthusiast.

A Wealth of Knowledge

For years, the tattoo industry operated behind closed doors, with established artists guarding their techniques. "Tattooing from A to Z" breaks down these barriers and provides an invaluable resource for those who aspire to become tattoo artists. The book delves into the critical aspects of the trade, including equipment, sterilization, artwork, tattooing techniques, and even medical considerations. It offers real, practical insights derived from Huck Spaulding's years of first-hand experience in the field. While mastery of tattooing takes time and dedication, this guide serves as a roadmap to success, helping you avoid common pitfalls and accelerate your learning curve.

Your Passport to Tattooing Success

Whether you're an aspiring tattoo artist, a curious enthusiast, or someone who simply appreciates the artistry of ink on skin, "Tattooing from A to Z" is your passport to success in the world of tattooing. This book is available in both English and Italian editions, allowing you to immerse yourself in the language of your choice. The information contained within its pages is the result of years of searching for the truth about tattooing, and it's all here for you to explore. The book's well-structured table of contents, with chapters covering equipment, sterilization, artwork, tattooing techniques, and the functioning of a tattoo shop, ensures you receive a comprehensive education in this captivating art form.

Take the First Step

Choose your language edition, whether it's English or Italian, and take your first step towards becoming a tattoo artist or deepening your appreciation for the craft. "Tattooing from A to Z" not only equips you with the essential knowledge you've been seeking but also opens the doors to a world that was once hidden in the shadows. Whether you're looking to embark on a new career path, enhance your existing skills, or simply satisfy your curiosity, this guide is a valuable resource that will accompany you on your tattooing journey, providing you with insights that would otherwise take years to acquire. Dive into the world of tattooing with Huck Spaulding's guidance and let your creativity flow through the ink.

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