Automatic Hydra 100 Autoclave N Class


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Autoclave PHOENIX Blu 12L USB
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Automatic Hydra 100 Autoclave N Class

The international medical fraternity and current health regulations clearly indicate that the only safe and sure sterilization system is the steam autoclave (the method most used in hospitals). The working principle of the autoclave is based on the Boyle-Mariotte law whereby pressure, temperature and volume are all combined to ensure, if correctly used, the total elimination of bacteria and spores.

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Guarisco Medical Sterilizer
Guarisco Medical Sterilizer

GUARISCO MEDICAL STERILIZER s.r.l, formerly known as MEDICAL TRADING, boasts a 60-year history as a premier manufacturer of medical sterilization devices. Founded in the early '60s by Pasquale Guarisco, our journey began with the development of the HOT DRY sterilization line. With the introduction of the HYDRA 100 autoclave in the early '90s, we established our presence in the international market, emphasizing quality, reliability, and the "Made in Italy" label. Today, we continue to uphold these values, offering cutting-edge sterilization solutions that meet the highest global standards.

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FEATURES: Mechanical controls, stainless-steel tank, lid with safety valve, stainless-steel basket. Made to international safety standards.

FEATURES: 1 stainless-steel basket, 1 x 1-litre pack of distilled water.

Outliner Dimensions:
L. 270mm H. 310mm D. 370mm
Sterilization cylinder:
Diameter 210 x 215mm
Removable drum:
Diameter 200 x 210mm
Power absorption: 1500 W
Voltage: 220/230 V
Running temperature: 125°C
Sterilization time: 15 min.
Running pressure: 1.7/1.8 bar
Fuses: Type 6,3 x 32 8 A
Weight: net kg 12,0 - gross kg 14.8

Brand Guarisco Medical Sterilizer