Timeless PMU Colors |  Hazelnut 10ml Elegance


49.00 €

Timeless PMU Colors |  Caramel 10ml Elegance
Timeless PMU Colors | Caramel 10ml Elegance
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49.00 €
Timeless PMU Colors |  Ash Brown 10ml Elegance
Timeless PMU Colors | Ash Brown 10ml Elegance
49.00 €
49.00 €

Timeless PMU Colors | Hazelnut 10ml Elegance


Balanced brown, neutral temperature. A must-have performer for multiple skin types. Ideal for use on clients with brown eyebrows, promoting harmonious results. Full-bodied in hyper-realistic techniques. FITZPATRICK scale 2/3.
Area of application: Eyebrows.

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49.00 € VAT Excluded

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I MAX International
I MAX International

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The new Timeless Elegance pigments ensure authentic colours from application to healed results. They now cover a wider Fitzpatrick spectrum. Our mineral-based hybrid formulation mixes organic and inorganic pigments with superior contrast and colour intensity, which together with corrective elements ensures long-lasting colour stability

The high pigment concentration of the Timeless Elegance provides increased colour coverage to save you extra steps. The new formulation has an improved colour viscosity for perfect application every time. Timeless Elegance are designed to flow easily with our ultra-precise XP needles, when used in combination they will save you even more time. Whether you're using our XP Technical Cartridges or standard needles, the optimised texture of the Elegance pigments and slow-drying properties will improve the quality of your work.

  • Stable healing without colour fading 
  • No need for corrective pigments after healing 
  • New range of sharp colours for more intense results, ideal for Mediterranean complexions 
  • Mineral-based hybrid formulation: inorganic with a drop of organic stabiliser 
  • Higher contrast and intensity compared to other pigments 
  • Without TiO2 and Azo pigments: no grey or red healing, no bleaching effect 
  • Easier pigment application, improved flow 
  • Sharp lines 
  • REACH-compliant

Brand I MAX International