Timeless PMU Colors | Dark Chocolate 10ml AMO


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Timeless PMU Colors | Espresso 10ml AMO
Timeless PMU Colors | Espresso 10ml AMO
49.00 €
49.00 €
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Timeless PMU Colors | Gold Blond 10ml Elegance
49.00 €
49.00 €

Timeless PMU Colors | Dark Chocolate 10ml AMO


Extra dark brown. This is a rich ebony ideal for most skins of the Fitzpatrick 5/6 scale. It is particularly good at emphasising very dark eyebrows and creating three-dimensionality in 3D overlays. It can be used with other colours in the range to achieve degradé eyeliner.
Area of application: Eyebrows, Eyeliner
Colour temperature: Neutral

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49.00 € VAT Excluded

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I MAX International

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Discover the new Timeless AMO range of PMU colours, characterised by extraordinary durability. Designed with a balanced combination of organic pigments, these colours avoid unwanted variations after healing, guaranteeing stable colour performance over time. These special shades are specifically designed to enhance Mediterranean complexions and darker skins, offering a range of options that perfectly match natural shades.

The high pigment density in Timeless AMO colours ensures a vibrant and long-lasting result in the skin, with a persistence that can last from 2 to 4 years, depending on skin type and skin condition. The unique formulation is free of titanium dioxide and azo pigments, guaranteeing pure and uncompromising quality.

In addition, AMO colours are optimised for precise and easy application using our XP cartridges. Experience beauty that goes beyond the surface with our AMO range, created to enhance natural beauty with timeless, long-lasting colours.

  • Balanced combination of organic pigments to avoid colour variation after healing.
  • Special shades for Mediterranean complexions and dark skin types.
  • High pigment concentration colours.
  • Long skin durability (2/4 years, depending on skin type, skin condition, etc.)
  • Free of titanium dioxide and Azo pigments.
  • Easy pigment application, improved flow.
  • Sharp lines.
  • Optimised for use with XP cartridges.
  • REACH-compliant.
Brand I MAX International