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Microneedling Masterclass

Master the Art of Microneedling

Microneedling technique  

Discover the innovative microneedling technique, a new anti-ageing method using mechanical biostimulation for rejuvenating the epidermis and correcting skin imperfections.

Intensive training

The Master Class takes place over one day where you will learn the most effective MicroNeedling techniques. The course includes a theoretical part, with all teaching materials included, and a practical part with a demonstration of the effectiveness of the MicroNeedling Technique performed by the Master Teacher.


Course Program:

Discover what microneedling is and its wide scope of application. Learn execution methods, operational protocols, and hygiene rules to ensure treatment safety. Familiarize yourself with the materials and tools used and witness the practical demonstration on a model conducted by the Master. This comprehensive course equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to perform safe and effective microneedling treatments, achieving transformative results.

Course venue

The course will be held in Riccione at the IMAX headquarters in Viale Emilia 41. The cost of Euro 600 + VAT includes teaching materials for the course. At the end you will be able to purchase the equipment and materials to undertake the activity.

How to register

To register, call us at +390 541 642160 or send an email to  A deposit of 200 euro + VAT is required at the time of registration. Contact us today, places are limited.

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