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  1. DVD Master the Art of Tattooing + Book Tattooing A to Z

    DVD Master the Art of Tattooing + Book Tattooing A to Z

    Starting at: €109.00

  2. Tattooing A to Z – Book

    Tattooing from A to Z. A guide to successful tattooing
    141 pages, 24 well illustrated chapters with the Artwork of famous tattooists.

    Table of contents
    Chapter I - Equipment,
    Chapter II - Sterilization,
    Chapter III - Artwork,
    Chapter IV - Tattooing,
    Chapter V - Medical,
    Chapter VI - The Shop.

    Available in English or Italian.

    Starting at: €90.00

  3. DVD Master The Art Of Tattooing

    DVD Master The Art of Tattooing
    This DVD explains the major topics of tattooing, beginning from the techniques, the equipment and the necessary practice of doing the tattoo artists job.
    The main topics are:
    Tattoo Needles
    Tubes, Tips and Grips
    Tattoo Machine
    Tattoo Inks
    Tattoo Stencils
    Preparing the working area
    Tattooing: Lining, Filling and Shading
    Running time 90 minutes
    Audio: English and Italian

  4. Tattoo Flash CD

    Tattoo Flash CD
    A wide assortment of Designs and Motifs for Tattoo on CD.

  5. DVD The Art of Tattooing in English

    The Art of Tattooing DVD
    This DVD contains all the information for professional tattooing. You will find 90 minutes of footage showing: color work, all black work and cover up work. Also, it will explain: stencil making, machine set-up and all the other basics of tattooing. You will be one-on-one with the artist, and you will learn the basic techniques of the Art of Tattoo. In English.
  6. Tattoo Designs of Japan (Horiyoshi III)

    Tattoo Designs of Japan (Horiyoshi III)
    Recent B&W and color artwork by the Japanese artist Horiyoshi III. Japanese motifs with plenty of snakes, skulls and dragons. Most drawings are full page. Hardcover. 80 pp, 8 1/2 x 11 1/2.