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Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

Achieve Natural Elegance and Harmony with Advanced Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Techniques

In recent years, permanent eyebrow makeup has undergone significant evolution, improving in technologies, pigments, and techniques. Now, it is possible to achieve results so realistic that it is difficult to distinguish real eyebrows from treated ones. This is the new frontier of Permanent Makeup (PMU).

Permanent makeup shading technique

Harmonious Eyebrows with Shading Techniques

  • Powder Brows: Using a dermograph, pigment is introduced into the upper layer of the epidermis, drawing a design similar to that of a pencil or eyeshadow. This method is ideal for those who desire full eyebrows with a natural shaded effect.
  • Soft Powder Brows: This is a lighter version of shading, leaving a very light shadow after healing, without defined contours. This effect is very delicate and natural.
  • Ombré Brows: This technique involves shading with a gradient. The initial part of the eyebrow is lighter and gradually becomes darker towards the tail. This creates a natural and three-dimensional effect.
  • Pixel Brows: Using a dermograph with a single-point needle, shading is created with individual dots, similar to the effect of a shaded pencil.
  • Cover Up: This technique covers old permanent makeup with a more intense and covering shade. It is useful for correcting or improving previous work.
  • Magic Shader/Microshading: An evolution of Powder Brows, this technique combines dots and shading movements to create shading similar to a shaded pencil. The pigment is inserted under the epidermis in a diffused manner through a dermograph, forming small dots that fill in gaps and empty spaces, achieving a shading also known as the “pixel effect.”
    • With the Magic Shader, also called Microshading, a precise effect is achieved thanks to the used dermograph, resulting in long-lasting results.
    • Even those with very sparse eyebrows can try the Magic Shader because this eyebrow treatment fills areas where hairs are sparser, creating natural shading and ensuring a harmonious look.
    • Microshading eyebrows is suitable for sensitive skin and performs well on oily and combination skin.

Permanent makeup Hairstroke Technique

Perfect Eyebrows with the Hairstroke Technique: Natural Elegance 

Eyebrows are one of the most important elements of the face, capable of transforming and defining the entire look. Hairstroke or Realistic Hair is a technique that uses a dermograph to create fine strokes that simulate the natural growth of eyebrow hairs. This method offers a soft and realistic three-dimensional appearance, with eyebrows that look full and well-defined.

  • The Hairstroke technique, also known as Hair by Hair, is highly customizable. Each treatment is tailored to the client's facial characteristics and personal preferences. "Baby lines," small secondary hairs, can be created to add volume and create light and dark shading, enriching the eyebrow design.
  • During the session, the professional carefully consults with the client to understand their needs and desires. The creation of eyebrows involves a combination of details and overlays, allowing the professional to express their creativity and personalize the treatment.
  • The goal is not to create perfect eyebrows in an absolute sense but to adapt them as best as possible to the client's face shape and features. The result is an aesthetic improvement that enhances the natural features of the face, giving elegance and harmony.

Conclusion Thanks to advanced shading and realistic hair techniques, permanent eyebrow makeup offers extremely natural and personalized results. These procedures not only improve the aesthetic appearance of the eyebrows but also enhance the facial features, ensuring lasting elegance and harmony. Eyebrows treated with PMU can transform the entire look, offering solutions adaptable to all aesthetic needs and preferences.

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