Supreme Cartridges Test Pack (20 Assorted Cartridges)

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  • Supreme Needle Cartridges with Protective Membrane made under highest quality control, only the very best tattoo needles are used.

    Supreme Needles Configuration Flyer

  • Product SKU17420
Brands Supreme
Color No
Needle Type Test Pack
Needle Size No
Needle Diameter No
Cheyenne Needle Cartridge Configuration No
Supreme Needle Cartridge Configuration Test Pack (20 Assorted Cartridges)
Kwadron Needle Cartridge Configuration No
Energy Needle Cartridge Configuration No
Needle Length No
Shop By Brand No
Coils No

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The Pack Includes:

1 x SUPREME 3RL BP 0,30
1 x SUPREME 5RL BP 0,30
1 x SUPREME 7RL BP 0,30
1 x SUPREME 5RL 0,35
1 x SUPREME 7RL 0,35
1 x SUPREME 9RL 0,35
1 x SUPREME 7RS BP 0,30
1 x SUPREME 5RS 0,35
1 x SUPREME 9RS 0,35
1 x SUPREME 9M BP 0,30
1 x SUPREME 13M BP 0,30
1 x SUPREME 7M 0,35
1 x SUPREME 11M 0,35
1 x SUPREME 15M 0,35
1 x SUPREME 9CM Soft BP 0,30
1 x SUPREME 13CM Soft BP 0,30
1 x SUPREME 7CM Soft 0,35
1 x SUPREME 11CM Soft 0,35
1 x SUPREME 15CM Soft 0,35
1 x SUPREME 7F 0,35

Supreme Tattoo Needle Cartridges are made from medical grade plastic and are subject to strict quality control checks.

Made for professional artists


  • Safety assured, cartridges are sealed with membrane
  • Transparent for better visibility
  • Shaped for better ink flow
  • Perfect fit for each needle configuration
  • Smooth edges for better accuracy
  • Less tension than other needle cartridges
  • EO Gas Sterilized and individually packaged
  • Needles made of 316L stainless steel
  • Medical grade plastic tips


  • Highest quality tattoo needles in the industry
  • Made of medical plastic in clear color for better visibility
  • Many needle configurations available
  • Quick and easy change reduces the processing time 
  • Sealed Membrane blocks the reflow of color and blood
  • Sterile and disposable
  • Convenient box of 20 cartridges

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