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Skin 2 Rotary TM Red Cam 3.7mm

Skin 2 Rotary TM Red Cam 3.7mm

Quick Overview

Lightweight: weights only 90g
Silent, vibrations are reduced to a minimum

Equipped with quality Swiss Motor
Supports up to 55 Magnum needles
Designed and entirely manufactured in Italy
"GIVE" adjustment of needle hitting strength
Comes with Tightening bar. No more rubber bands are needed
Needle excursion can be adjusted by different excenters
Revolutions per minute: 0 – 9300 rpm / min
Stitches per second: 0 - 155 / sec.
Made in Italy
Skin 2 Tattoo Machine Manual


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Advice for Skin 2 settings
Based on the usage of the Skin 2, every artist figures out how to set the machine's softness and the voltage to use. The following suggestions have been compiled by our tattoo friends which use the Skin 2 regularly. The average voltage setting is from 9 to 10.5 Volts. A hard setting is preferable if you use liner or larger Magnum needles. In this case, close the GIVE Cap completely and then turn the GIVE counter-clockwise roughly one full turn. If you use small and medium-sized Magnum needles a softer setting is recommended. The GIVE should be opened 2-3 turns counter-clockwise. Please note that the machine should never be used if the GIVE Cap is completely closed or opened with more than 3 turns. These setting recommendations are purely individual. The machine can also be used at a lower voltage.
Use a GOOD QUALITY POWER UNIT and do not exceed 12 Volts.

SKIN 2 is a new conception rotary machine for tattooing. The main innovations are:

GIVE adjustment of needle hitting intensity

Possibility to adjust the needle hitting strength (GIVE / Softness of the machine). This adjustment allows to set the machine “harder” for lining and “softer” adapted for colouring, filling and shading. The adjustment notches on the cap of the GIVE allow intermediate set ups.
Tightening Needle Bar
With this accessory no more rubber bands are needed to tighten the needle bar.
RCA Connection
In addition to the classic clip-cord connection, SKIN 2 is equipped with a RCA connection, which guarantees a constant current flow.
Adjustment of needle excursion
Following replacement excenters for needle excursion adjustment are available: 2,6mm, 3,7mm (serial excenter), 4.5mm and 5,5mm (replacement excenters are available separately).
Lightweight, silent, vibrations are reduced to a minimum
Thanks to the Swiss Motor DC-Micromotors, high quality ball-bearings and the ultra-light materials used, the SKIN 2 is lightweight, silent and vibrations are reduced to a minimum.

Technical Data:
Voltage rating 12 Volt DC
Recommended input Voltage: 0 – 12 volt DC (max.14 volt DC)
Revolutions per minute: 0 – 9300 rpm / min
Stitches per second: 0 – 155 / sec
Needle Excursion: 3,7 mm (serial excenter)
Available Excenters: 2,6 - 3,7 – 4,5 – 5,5 mm
Excursion of needle suspension: 0 – 3 mm
Maximum Tube Diamenter: 8 mm
Weight: 90 grams
Dimensions: height 78 mm, width 87 mm, thickness 23 mm
Supports up to 55 Magnum needles
Motor: This machine is equipped with a Swiss Motor
Designed and entirely manufactured by I MAX INTERNATIONAL in Italy

Additional Information

Brands N/A
Brand Skin 2
Color Red
Frame Aluminium
Grip Size No
Coils Rotary Engine
Machine Setting Liner & Shader
Weight 90 g

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  1. WOOOOOOW review by Sergius on 5/9/2013

    habe sie gestern bekommen und heute ausprobiert und muss sagen der hammer brauche sofort ne 2

  2. der Hammer review by Marcel on 3/16/2013

    ich hätte sie mir schon eher holen sollen

  3. My work has improved so much review by Mei on 11/15/2012

    I'm thinking of getting another Skin 2. My work has improved so much since I got the last one, I like it better than the hyper v3 and that is a big compliment on your design max.

  4. excellent product review by Ranieri on 3/7/2012

    Ordered in advance at Milan tattoo convention, it has arrived today and I have tried it promptly, really lightweight, handy and versatile, the adjustment of needle throw strength and the tightening bar make it a magnificent machine for lining and soft shadings, after 23 years of experience as tattoo artist I think this is the future of tattoo machines… personally I have stopped to use standard coil machines stepwise about one year ago… since a few months I use only the new generation rotary machines… what should I say… who buys it loves it for sure..

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