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  • The original black latex glove powder free, PANTHERA GLOVES are a favourite among tattoo artists worldwide, designed by tattoo artists, for tattoo artists.

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Brands Panthera Gloves
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on 8/20/2011

Comfortable for your hands.. safe..theese gloves are perfect, and the price is nice ; )

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Panthera Black Gloves
Black Gloves
Powder free

* Textured,
* Polymer Coated,
* Powder Free,
* Black in colour,
* Medical Grade,
* Single Use,
* Made from Natural Rubber Latex,
* With a total water extractable protein level below 50 ug/g glove,
* Conforms to ASTM standards (USA) and EN455 Part 1& 2 Standards (Europe).

Designed for tattooist's who demand the best !

Material: Natural rubber latex: colour black
Non-sterile, Ambidextrous, Power Free Polymer coated
Unique bonded non-flake polymer coating with anti-blocking properties
Excellent donning properties
Beaded cuff to prevent roll back
Excellent instrument handling properties
Long shelf life
Available in three sizes
Conforms to EN455 Part 1,2 and 3
Total water extractable protein level of below 50 ug/gm glove


Panthera powder free examination gloves conform to EU MDD standards EN 455 Part 1, 2 and 3 and offer first class protection from biohazards such as blood and general body fluids. Panthera has been designed to match high performance values with a strong image value.

Why Black? Because 'black' is beautiful.


Gloves made from natural rubber latex (NRL) are know to offer the most cost effective biohazard protection of any glove material available today.

Natural rubber latex can however cause allergic reactions in some individuals. If you are known to have a protein allergy you should not wear any NR latex gloves regardless of how low the total water extractable protein levels are.

For all other glove wearers who want to minimize the possible effects of wearing NR latex gloves we offer the following recommendations:

Avoid wearing powdered NR latex gloves as these gloves always have significantly higher water extractable protein levels than powder free gloves.
Always wash your hands after wearing any glove.

Clinical research carried out internationally has shown that the powder used on all disposable gloves (not just NR latex) can cause breathing difficulties in certain individuals exposed to the glove powder. In particular those with known bronchial problems such as asthma.

We recommend the use of powder free gloves such as Panthera to eliminate these problems.

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