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  1. Microblading Mapping String

    Create perfect eyebrows with our new eyebrow mapping string. Ultra thin, ready to use, 10 meters long.

  2. Golden Mean Caliper for Eyebrow Design

    Eyebrow Ruler with Golden Ratio is an indispensable tool for creating symmetrical eyebrows with the right proportions.

  3. Black Deluxe Microblading Pen

    3d pen with double head, fits all microblading blades.

  4. Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil White

    Microblading pencil, water resistant, long lasting, used for marking and underlining.

  5. Kòsmesis Colors Ebony 10ml Kòsmesis Colors Ebony 10ml

    Kòsmesis Microblading Brunette 5ml

    Dark ebony brown, almost black. The darkest eyebrow colour, to be used on dark-skinned people.
    [Eyebrows] [Cold]

    Download the Color Identification Chart

  6. Kòsmesis Colors Brown 103 10ml Kòsmesis Colors Brown 103 10ml

    Kòsmesis Microblading Cocoa 103 5ml

    Dark brown colour for dark brown-haired and mediterranean skins.
    [Eyebrows] [Neutral]

    Download the Color Identification Chart