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  1. Cavilon 28ml 3M Transpirant Spray Film

    Cavilon Spray is a long lasting liquid barrier film. Cavilon Spray creates a no sting barrier film which isolates from external influences and protects against rubbing and chafing of clothing, fluids and other external influences. The product is breathable and protects up to 72 hours. For further information Download Technical Data Sheet and Download MSDS.

  2. Tegaderm Roll 15cm x 10m 3M Transpirant Barrier Film

    Tegaderm Roll, protective film dressing roll, breathable and water proof with medical adhesive. Film in polyurethan. It can be kept on up to 7 days. Do not apply more than one layer as it lowers the breathability. Does not stick on the wound. Breathable, water proof product and latex free, protects during having a shower.
    1. Remove the backliner and apply onto the skin
    2. Gentle smooth down the dressing and remove the topliner
    3. Apply pressure to dressing so that the dressing sticks to the skin
    If you need further information download the Technical Data Sheet here.

    €49.90 from: €39.90
  3. Hyporfilm 10x20cm Box 25pcs.

    Hyporfilm is a sterile thin polyurethane adhesive medical dressing. Water-resistant, breathable, elastic. Barrier film against bacteria.

  4. Hypo-Allergenic Surgical Tape Micropore 3M 12 Rolls

    Microporous non-woven surgical Paper Tape
    Width: 2.5cm
    Length: 9.14m
    Rolls per box: 12
    Download the Technical Data Sheet

  5. Sterile Tongue Depressors Box 100 pieces

    Sterile Tongue Depressors
    Perfect for applying ointment to fresh tattoos for proper healing. Disposable. Certification CE 0373.

    €4.50 from: €3.90
  6. Flexible Tattoo Grip Cover - Cohesive Bandages Black Box 12 rolls

    Elastic Cohesive Bandages to wrap Tattoo Grips provide firm grip and reduce vibrations. Size 5cm x 4.5m. Each box contains 12 Rolls Black Cohesive Bandages.