GABRY Eyebrow Design Shape Kit | 12 Eyebrow Templates

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  • Create your perfect brows effortlessly with the GABRY Eyebrow Design Kit, 12 differently-shaped eyebrow templates. Achieve fuller, natural-looking eyebrows for PMU and microblading designs.

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Introducing the GABRY Eyebrow Design Shape Kit, the ultimate solution for achieving perfect eyebrows in minutes. Whether you struggle with eyebrow shaping or want to enhance your brow game, this kit is beginner-friendly and offers excellent results.

The Eyebrow Templates Stencil Kit includes 12 unique eyebrow stencils made of skin-friendly materials, PEVA and PP. These reusable stencils maintain their shape and condition even with everyday use. They are easy to clean, eco-friendly, and cost-saving, ensuring long-lasting performance.

With two headband fixing straps, you can securely wear the eyebrow templates on your forehead without worrying about them falling off. The two adjustable headbands help you fix the brow template in place, allowing you to effortlessly create natural and attractive brows, even without any advanced skills. Unlike thin rope straps, our model straps are soft and comfortable, ensuring no discomfort to your ears or head.

The integrated design of our eyebrow stencils simplifies the process. Choose the right stencil, attach it to the two headbands, and position it on your head to achieve a balanced eyebrow shape. This all-in-one solution eliminates the difficulties and time-consuming nature of drawing symmetrical eyebrows using single stencils without straps.

Discover why using eyebrow stencils is beneficial and how to find the right fit for your face shape. Say goodbye to awkward eyebrows and frustrations caused by poor eyebrow makeup techniques. The GABRY Eyebrow Shaping Stencil Head Straps are a must-have tool to help you achieve the perfect eyebrow outline.

Explore the 12 styles of eyebrow stencil head straps by aligning them with your eyebrows to find the best fit. These stencils will shape your eyebrows and enhance the attractiveness of your face. The eyebrow stencil shaping kit provides the perfect eyebrow contour for a whole new you.

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