Critical Wireless Foot Switch

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  • Wireless Foot Switch with universal receiver


    • Wireless Connection
    • Works with any power unit that uses 1/4" phone Jack
    • Rapid choice between maintained and temporary mode
    • Short response time
    • Battery easily replaceable
    • A clip cord can be used as connection in case of battery defect
    • Battery service life with daily use: approximately one year
  • Product SKU11576
Brands Critical
Color No

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This wireless foot pedal and universal receiver combo will work with all power supplies that use a 1/4″ foot pedal jack. This system adds the option of maintained pedal mode when using it with a simple power supply. (The Universal receiver is not needed if you are using the pedal with the Critical CX2R power supply). If universal receiver should fail, standard clipcord can be used as temporary backup.

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