Cheyenne Hawk Spirit with Grip

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  • Cheyenne Hawk Spirit with Grip.
    - Lightweight
    - Easy to use
    - Powerful
    - Reliable
    - Hygienic Cartridge System
    - Made in Germany

  • Product SKU16305A-C
Brands Cheyenne tattoo equipment
Brand Cheyenne
Frame Aluminium
Coils Rotary Engine
Machine Setting Liner & Shader
Weight 120g

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The Cheyenne has revolutionized the art of tattoo. Technology and handling were simplified, the components of the system perfectly matched. The Cheyenne allows to focus on the image and on unprecedented artistic development.

Needle and tip are combined in a pinhead. No bothersome adjustment any more: just put in the needle cartdrige, adjust the stitch depth and you are ready to tattoo. The machine is lightweight and fits comfortably both hands.

The Cheyenne surprised with less vibrations and its extreme smoothness. Their drive convinced significantly quieter than conventional coil or rotary machines. The digital control unit enables the precise control of the machine, it can be adapt to any work situation and every work style.

The Cheyenne presents itself with a powerful hub, and having a wide choice of needle configurations allows to insert the colour quickly into the skin. The wide range of different needle heads is a guarantee for creative excellence. Switching the machine from Liner to Shader is easily done by a click, just as simple as changing the colour. Cheyenne is the (total) creative solution for professional tattoo artists.

DRIVE: ball-bearing motor with long service life.
FREQUENCY: 50-150 strokes per second.
WEIGHT: Approximately 110 g (hand piece).
STITCH DEPTH: on the hand piece adjustable.
POWER: Tattoo standard power supply or Cheyenne II PU

The Cheyenne Hawk comes with connecting cable, hand-piece and adapters.

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