Brother Tattoo Stencil Machine PJ-723

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  • There is a newer version of this item: Brother PJ-863

    The NEW Tattoo Stencil Machine Brother Pocketjet PJ-723 is a must-have Thermal Printer for every tattoo artist. Small, portable and lightweight makes perfect tattoo stencils. It connects to your computer easily and is able to print outlines and shades.
    - Brother PocketJet Printer PJ-723 
    - AC Adapter & Power Cord PA-AD-600EU
    Download the tutorial for stencil mode
    We recommend using Original ReproFX Spirit Thermal Paper

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The new product is designed and produced exclusively for the tattoo market. The unit in question is a one-of-a-kind stencil machine offering unbeatable results. No more wasting time with the settings (density, brightness, contrast or speed and paper feeder) in search of the best configuration: the new Brother Stencil Machine comes standard with the configuration "Stencil Mode". This configuration adjusts the settings automatically on the basis of the picture you want to print producing immediately good quality stencils without any unnecessary wastage (printing tests, discarded paper....).
Even density, temperature and printing speed, based on the picture to print, are regulated by the mode "stencil paper", avoiding the issue of wrinkles and creases and eliminating crinkled paper and paper jams.
Brother PJ-723, …just perfect stencils!

Tattoo Stencil always sharp and perfect with the new Brother Pocketjet PJ-723 Thermal Printer, a revolutionary compact mobile printing solution compatible with Spirit Thermal Paper. Just connect it to your computer and it is ready to print. As this thermal printer is small-sized (width 26 cm, weight 473 g), it is not only perfect for your tattoo studio but also for travelling and for tattoo conventions.

Its printing technology ensures reliable quality and recognizes changes of tones, so during your tattoo session you will be able to see any shades clearly.

- Time Saving
- Low maintenance costs - no ribbons or ink are needed
- Compact size
- Lightweight
- Portable
- Able to print in different tones. No more printing outlines only!
Stencil Mode
- Prints designs straight off your computer at 300x300 dpi.
- Integrated USB 2.0 and IrDA interfaces
- Comes with adapter and cord.
- 12 Months Official Warranty Brother International Europe

Warning: The printer to run needs at least the power adapter that is not included in the box with the printer, in many websites the printer is sold alone without adapter so it is unusable. In regards to the Warranty always make sure that is from Brother International Europe. The printer sold by I MAX includes power adapter and power cord with 12 months Official Warranty from Brother International Europe.

We recommend using Original ReproFX Spirit Thermal Paper

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