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I Max complies with the stringent EU ResAP(2008)1 I Max International is the first company to fully pass the CTL® Bielefeld Tests complying with the stringent EU ResAP(2008)1. Makkuro Sumi Tattoo Colors, Azayaka Tattoo Colors, Universal Sumi Black Tattoo Colors, Pure Colors, Glam Colors all have passed the test. All colorants listed in the CTL Database have passed all of the tests in the mentioned Resolution. Read more information on the CTL® Bielefeld Tests (more info)

Find Tattoo- and Permanent Make-Up Products which comply with the stringent EU ResAP(2008)1 Don`t just rely on the information from the supplier or the words of the tattoo artist. Don´t be fooled by incorrect labels or faked certificates. Find the truth on the CTL web site. CTL® GmbH Bielefeld has been conducting tests on Tattoo Colours and Permanent Make-Up since the last decade. CTL® has customers all across Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. CTL® is a world-wide leader in this field. Its your body and health which are at risk. Find the premium products on the market on the CTL database. All consumers have the right to know whether the products being used are of the highest standard on the market and have passed the most stringent tests. To perform the search enter the manufacturer product code or the product name. (more info)

The EU Resolution ResAP(2008)1 is at present the most stringent test on the market for Tattoo- and Permanent Make- Up (PMU) products. The resolution is the result of many discussions and investigations. Colorants tested according to this resolution provide a high level of safety and a minimum health risk for consumers. The resolution contains - in brief - the following tests: Aromatic Amines known to cause Cancer (20 Substances). Carcinogens in Categories 1,2 and 3 denoted in the Council Directive 1967/548/EEC of 27th June 1967 (7 Substances). Dyes which are carcinogenic, mutagenic, have reprotoxic or sensitizing properties i.e. cause allergic conditions (35 Substances). Metals as Impurities (13 Substances). Policyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH), Benzene- a-pyrene (BaP). Microbiological Test of Sterility (more info)

Universal Black Brand new very intense black good for any tattoo work, lining, shading, black fill. A true deep black very easy to tattoo. (more info)

Azayaka Tattoo Colors True Live Tattoo Colors. Dispersion highly concentrated tattoo pigments, dermatologically tested, gamma-ray sterilized, lot & date coded.... (more info)

Makkuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Japanese tattoo master's ink to give you the blackest and most absolute lightfast color developed for tattoo work. (more info)

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