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Tricopigmentation Course

Master the Art of Tricopigmentation

Tricopigmentation Training

I MAX International's courses offer in-depth knowledge and practical training to achieve concrete results every time. The training courses are held in Riccione at I MAX headquarters, but upon request and at an additional cost, the training can take place at your location!

Become a Tricopigmentation specialist

Sign up for the course to become a specialist in Scalp Trichopigmentation (SMP), one of the latest and most popular non-medical solutions against hair loss.

Increasingly in demand

With TRICO, small pigment deposits are placed within the upper dermis of the skin.

Shaved Effect

These hypoallergenic pigments are used to recreate the natural shaved effect of hair.


Natural Look

The end result is a completely natural look, which solves a much felt problem.

Course venue 

The course will be held in Riccione at the IMAX premises in Viale Emilia 41. The cost of Euro 1500 + VAT includes the course materials. At the end you will be able to purchase the equipment and materials to undertake the activity.

How to register

To register, call us at +390 541 642160 or send an email to info@imaxshop.com.  

A deposit of 200 euro + VAT is required at the time of registration. Contact us today, places are limited.

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