Glam Assorted Monodoses Kit 24x2ml

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  • Glam Colors Sterile Monodose. 

    Assorted Monodoses: Contains 24x2ml. Monodose

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Glam Colors Monodose and Sterile:
Easy, sanitary and safe. Glam Colors Monodose for micro-pigmentation are conforming to EU safety standards for tattoo and micro-pigmentation.
- No waste of color, each monodose contains the needed quantity for one application
- Most sanitary
- No exposition to crossed contamination, safety is guaranteed

- Monodose Gamma sterilized 10 KGy
- Codified with lot number and date
- Easy and safe and no water inside
- Resistant, consistence and color do not differ from lot to lot
- Color Dispersion triple concentrated
- Minimum dimension particles 6 micron
- Product biologically tested
- Components FDA approved
- Color Testing Data Sheets and Non Toxic Certificates CTL available

Conforming to Resolution UE Res AP(2003)2 on Tattoo and Permanent Makeup that makes sure that the pigments are supplied well packaged in monodose for single use only, that they are sterile and remain sterile until they are used. It also requires: The date of expiration, instructions, identification and tracing lot number. Glam Colors Monodose do include these features.

Assorted Monodoses: 24x2ml.

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