Cheyenne Craft Cartridge 9 Round Liner Ø 0.30 - Box 10pcs.

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  • The new Cheyenne Craft Cartridges come in 19 different and most popular needle configurations. Thanks to the integrated membrane neither colour nor blood can flow back to the motor/drive. Not only easy, comfortable, precise and hygienic but also competitively priced!

  • Product SKU19113
Brands Cheyenne tattoo equipment
Color No
Needle Type Round Liner
Needle Size No
Needle Diameter No
Cheyenne Needle Cartridge Configuration 9 Liner Ø 0.30
Supreme Needle Cartridge Configuration No
Kwadron Needle Cartridge Configuration No
Energy Needle Cartridge Configuration No
Needle Length No
Shop By Brand No
Coils No

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What are Craft Cartridges?
Craft Cartridges are state of the art Cheyenne Cartridges with the well-known quality, which will be marketed alongside the Cheyenne Safety Cartridges. Cheyenne uses highest needle quality and they have the important patented membrane. Unlike certain knock-offs, they do not abrade any grit, which could enter your clients’ blood stream. Meeting the highest hygiene standards, Craft Cartridges protect you and your customer.

What‘s new?
The main difference is the casing, now manufactured from a single mould. Also, higher automation on factory level and limiting production (for now) to Cheyenne's 19 most important and popular configurations allow Cheyenne to increase production efficiency, enabling to offer a lower price.

Which cartridges should I buy then?
For perfect hygiene and a high quality output of work, both Craft Cartridges and Safety Cartridges are fine.

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