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Bullets Royal T.S. Peppermint 35ml

Bullets Royal T.S. Peppermint 35ml

Quick Overview

Tattoo Ink made in Germany
Brilliant & light-resistant
Easy to handle & high luminosity
According to German Tattoo-Agents-Regulation
No azo pigments and therefore no carcinogenic aromatic amines
Colour Shade: Mint green
Suitable for Lining and Filling
Blended with white: yes, strong
Level of difficulty for processing: 2-3 (1= easy / 6 = difficult)
Tested and certified according to EU Resolution ResAP (2008)1 and German Tattoo Agents Regulation. Download certificate / Download MSDS

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    "Tattoo Ink, from friends for friends – but only for good friends -that's what our Bullets are”
    Graduated Engineer Michael "the Michel" Dirks

    The project Bullets Tattoo Ink describes the joining of experienced and creative tattooists with the goal of developing tattoo ink which answers the needs of tattoo artists without violating the tattoo regulations. Meanwhile a lot of friends are responsible for the great outcome and were busy mixing and testing for the past two years.

    This time we can also claim: “ From Tattooists – For Tattooists”. Of course with the help of engineers and chemical technical assistants of the HAN GmbH.

    Now we are able to offer ink which combines all of that.***

    - Brilliant light-resistant ink.
    - Easy to handle and high luminosity.
    - According to German tattoo regulations.
    - No azo pigments and therefore no carcinogenic aromatic amines.
    - Crystal clear, easy to press PET bottles “made in Germany”. Do not contain softeners!
    - 35ml bottle at reasonable prices.
    Just an ink for our friends.

    Safety and Service for tattooists

    The inks are tested periodically in order to offer safety to the tattooists from all over the world. Optimizing quality management is a constant concern.
    Therefore the azo dyes have been replaced by more stable polycyclic pigments paying attention to not use risky substances during manufacture.
    Furthermore, before the colours were placed on the market, every single pigment has been tested for cytotoxicity and phototoxicity to reduce the risk of any undesirable reaction.
    Thus, the H-A-N GmbH has introduced the first and so far the only tattoo ink without any azo dye. Consequently they don't contain any cancer-causing aromatic amine.
    The dissolvents and adhesive agents used, consist exclusively of cosmetic and pharmaceutical raw materials, according to the Resolution ResAp (2008)1 on requirements and criteria for the saftey of tattoos and permanent make-up, and the German Tattoo-Agents-Regulation (Tätowiermittelverordnung), including regular quality checks.

    - Highly pigmented, maximum percentage ever. Recognisable by pigment or pigments listed first on most of the bottles.

    - Free of azo dyes, therefore no aromatic amines. We do not use low-grade pigments and won't use them in the future! Who claims that azo dyes lasts longer than our azo-free high performance pigments does not know nothing whatsoever about pigment chemistry.

    - Perfect results, high luminosity, easy to handle.

    - 35ml easy-to-press PET bottles made in Germany. No plasticisers.

    - Conforming to the German Tattoo-Agents-Regulation.

    - Made in Germany.

    Additional Information

    Color N/A
    Colors Greens
    Shop By Brand Bullets Tattoo Ink
    Special Inks for Lining & Filling
    Bottle Size 35ml
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