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Jagua Tattoo

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  1. Nazca Kit Nazca Kit

    Nazca Kit | Jagua Gel for Black TempTattoos

    The NAZCA Tattoo Gel, also know as Jagua Tattoo Gel, is a natural cosmetic product used to create semi permanent tattoos that last 8-15 days. Does not require the use of needles for its application, making it also pain free. The Nazca Tattoo Gel is inspired by indigenous people from Caribbean and Amazonia, who for centuries until now, have used the juice of the particular jagua fruit to create decorative tattoos for their spiritual rituals.

    The Kit contains: A 15ml-bottle of Nazca Gel with 3 Precision Tips + Instruction Manual

    €21.00 from: €16.40
  2. Henna Bottle with Micro Precision Tip

    Henna applicator with micro precision metal tip.
    €7.75 from: €5.80
  3. Henna Design Book

    Henna Design Book
    Contains selection of most popular drawings.
  4. Henna Multicultural Book

    Multicultural Book
    The multicultural book contains a broad range of henna multicultural designs for the body, hands and feet.
  5. Temporary Tribal Tattoo Kit

    Temporary Tribal Tattoos, the kit includes a rotating display made of plexiglass, 360 assorted transferable tribal tattoos (with water) and on the back a catalog that shows the available tattoos.