Temporary suspension of Intenze Inks

We have received from our supplier INTENZIT SRL the information that a temporary suspension on following INTENZE INKS has been demanded on the basis of the results of an analysis carried out abroad of below listed batch numbers, which were found not complying with the EU ResAp 2008.
The Ministry of Health (Ministero della sanità) has therefore requested to cross-check the respective batches in Italy in order to check whether the results matches the Rapex' results.

We kindly ask you to implement this precautionary measure pending the outcome of the new analysis.

Intenze Dimension Black Lot. No.SS180. Exp. 28/02/2019 (Rapex No. A12/0652/17)

Intenze True Black Lot. No. SS211 Exp. 30/06/2020 (Rapex No. A12/0653/17)

Intenze Lining Black Lot. No. SS219 Exp. 30/09/2020 (Rapex No. A12/0654/17)

Intenze Lining Black Lot. No. SS157 Exp. 31/08/2018 (Rapex No. A12/0659/17)

This communication regarding the temporary suspension of INTENZE Ink applies only to above mentioned inks and is valid only for these specific Lot. Numbers.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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