Microblading is the latest manual technique which allows to densify and delineate eyebrows by eyebrow embroidery giving them an absolute harmonious and natural looking appearance


Microblading is a method similar to semi-permanent make up which allows to insert pigments under the upper skin layer (doesn't reach the dermis) in order to create long lasting eyebrows.

Microblading, eyebrow embroidery technique to create perfectly natural brow enhancements

Microblading is a manual procedure which is performed using a specific pen-like device. Carrying out the whole process freehand, the pro uses a great selection of pigments and sterile, disposable needles adding colour, shape and density to the eyebrows giving them an absolute natural look.  

In detail, this method is done using a very small and fine blade depositing the pigment into the epidermis drawing missing hair to thicken and recreate a perfect shape that harmonizes perfectly reflecting your facial characteristics. The pigments used for microblading match totally with the colour of the eyebrows and that's why the final effect is so natural

The needles used for microblading are specifically designed and much thinner than common needles, the pigments are deposited closer to the surface than when a machine is used, they are inserted under the upper skin layer and apart from being a less invasive procedure, this method ensures an accurate, precise and absolute natural result.

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