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Tattoo Aftercare

Essential Rules and Recommended Products

Caring for Your Tattoo

Once you've got a tattoo, taking care of it becomes paramount. Proper tattoo aftercare ensures that your tattoo remains defined, sharp, and beautiful over time. A well-cared-for tattoo will stand the test of time, while neglected ones tend to fade and blur, sometimes devolving into unrecognizable patches.

Tattoo care also ensures the healing of the stressed tissues, often very vulnerable to damage. Most tattoo artists provide specific aftercare instructions based on their experience, often including gentle washing of the area multiple times a day, followed by the application of moisturizers or post-therapy products. Some also advise keeping the tattoo covered at all times during the healing process, while others argue that exposure to air promotes healing.

Rules and Products for Tattoo Care

The general rule for tattoo care is cleaning it with mild soap and warm water, using gentle circular motions of the hand to avoid irritating the tattoo scabs. The tattoo should be rinsed and left to air dry instead of being rubbed, as mechanical drying could remove any scabs.

Additionally, the tattoo should be kept away from the sun as its rays could damage a freshly tattooed area in the first few weeks. It's also important to remember that a tattoo is a wound, prone to potential infection, so hands should always be washed before handling the area, and the tattoo should be kept away from water, dirt, and other unclean environments. Failure to adhere to these basic rules could lead to infections or inflammation, which is undesirable.

Once a tattoo is ready to be shown off, it's essential to continue protecting it from sunburn by using appropriate sunscreen protection.

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