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What may seem like a simple body adornment to many can hold emotional and personal significance for its wearer. Body modification is just one way to express personality, and before embarking on such a change, it's essential to be sure of choosing the piercing that suits one's style.

The ancient practice of piercing can celebrate spiritual rites of passage and liberation. Some people turn to them for beautification and enhancement, while others for personalization. Piercings can be worn by both men and women, varying in size and shape. It's crucial to remember that ensuring the healing and comfort of the piercing requires turning to qualified individuals who follow proper hygiene standards and knowing how to choose the right piercings made with materials compliant with the law.

Belly Button Piercings and Banana-Shaped Jewelry

Body ornaments are available in our e-commerce store. Our qualified company offers only high-quality piercings. We provide a wide selection of different sizes and models (for belly buttons), a myriad of colors, and the most original shapes (banana piercings), capable of truly fitting everyone.

Every piercing jewellery available in our online catalog is made following the directives of the European Community, meaning it is entirely safe for human health. With this fundamental point clarified, all that remains is to determine which model best suits one's style from the wide range available in the catalog and calmly choose one's piercing in the company of friends or industry experts, purchase it, and have the preferred piercing delivered to one's home in just a few days.

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